Mac: How to Output Audio to Zoom Conference with Logic Pro X

Remote collaboration and teaching have become a part of daily life for many musicians. Of all the web conferencing services, Zoom has come out on top as one of the most popular. So as a music instructor, I needed a solution to share Logic Pro playback with students.

The solution outlined in this article used to be much more complicated. Thankfully, you no longer need third party software like Ladiocast and Soundflower to route the signal from Logic to Zoom. Instead, you’ll just be switching on a two small features.

During your Zoom call, click Share Screen to get started.

From here, click on the “Share computer sound” checkbox at the bottom left of the screen:

Next, in order to pass the sound from Logic to Zoom, you’ll need to open your Audio Preferences:

The audio preference screen should default to Devices when you open it. This is where your Output device is configured. You’ll just need to click the dropdown menu and select ZoomAudioDevice as shown below:

Once you do this, all of your playback audio will automatically pass from Logic to Zoom. The other people on the call will still be able to hear you through the normal audio input.

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